Meet the Team

“Photography is a small voice at best, but sometimes one photograph or a group of them, can lure our sense of awareness.” – W. Eugene Smith

jesse-goffJesse Goff
Owner | Photographer | Director | Instagram Newbie
With Jesse, what you see is what you get. An enigma, he is not. You will always know where you stand with him. If a problem arises, he sees it as a puzzle to solve and his mind moves rapidly to decipher it. And the man can multi-task like nobody’s business. Extensive travel for both work and play has given Jesse a keen understanding of how to relate with people of varying backgrounds. His sharp instincts, make for spot-on decision making. He is intuitive to the point of almost being a wee bit scary—like ESP-ish and stuff. And the ego…? Jesse checks it at the door, while maintaining pride in his work. When he’s not creating visual media, he is a family man, sailor, and entrepreneur. Jesse points his camera lens with curiosity, compassion and humor. These attributes contribute to shoots that are relaxed, creative, collaborative and fun.
maria-evangelistaMaria Evangelista
Producer | Kerfuffle Fixer
In the age of social media, we know that you can search Maria on LinkedIn and read that she went to good schools, studied abroad, worked at top-tier companies, speaks another language and that past coworkers and bosses have said nice things about her. So here is what’s between-the-lines… Maria is not related to the 90’s supermodel, Linda Evangelista. Maria is comfortable in the silence when a conversation lulls. She is creative AND analytical. Her intuition is a trusted friend. When Maria isn’t writing about herself in the third person, she can be found managing new business development and will happily put on her producer hat or any other hats needed when the occasion arises. She joined the team in December 2015.