Advertising Photographer with Unique Vision and Execution Excellence

Jesse Goff Photography productions has provided businesses around the world professional imagery for over 25 years. Jesse received degrees in both art and psychology. What sets Jesse apart from other photographers, is his ability to create and seamlessly pull together a vision and a plan, then execute and deliver all while relaxed and having fun with those around him. “To have the ability to laugh at yourself gives you the power to be humble and put others at ease” – JG. JGP productions have involved dozens of people and included drones and videography. Excellent results and a quick turnaround time is key. Based in San Francisco since 1995, JGP is now global with offices in SF, NYC and Cannes, France. Past clients have included Sony, Apple, Google, Barclays, Jose Cuervo, Nike, Sennheiser, Nespresso, Camper and many others. As a commercial advertising photographer Jesse has been commissioned for lifestyle advertising, executive & celebrity portraiture, architecture, industrial and special panoramas.