Digital Realty Video | Directed by Jesse Goff

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Digital Realty is a large data center provider (enterprise value over $12B). They have over 100 properties worldwide that operate in 30 different markets. They are essentially large, nondescript buildings that are filled with endless racks of server equipment, air conditioners, security, generators and UPS power back-up systems. It is facilities like these, that keep the world’s largest and most important websites and financial data safe, secure and accessible at all times, even during a hurricane.

I was contacted by Audra Brown, principal at design firm Brown 365. They were on a very tight timeline and asked if I could shoot stills for their annual report AND shoot a video, all in about 3 days from the day I received their call. They signed the estimate right away and we plunged into pre-production. Sean Cope of Sean Cope Pictures was instrumental in making the video pre-production come together. Sean managed to secure a gaffer, key grip, grip truck, camera operators and sound engineers within a day. I went from shooting with the Hasselblad for stills, to shooting video seamlessly with the team. During the video portion, I went to the role of director and stood by the monitor to watch, listen and direct all the departments.

Here’s the video and some of the still imagery. Thanks to everyone who helped and to Digital Reality.

JESSE DR040212 from Jesse Goff on Vimeo.