The University of Phoenix Stadium features the first fully retractable, natural grass playing field in the U.S. The entire field rolls out of the stadium into the sunlight. Yes, the entire playing field is on wheels. And why did they do this? As explained to me by the stadium management, “We wanted to have a real grass playing field, but it is too hot in Phoenix not to have indoor air conditioned seating.”

This stadium is futuristic in many different ways. It has the biggest garage door I have ever seen, so the whole football field can be rolled outside. The exterior resembles a giant, futuristic, shiny metal spaceship. It may have the most high-end loudspeaker system for a stadium, in the world. Meyer Sound was very involved in creating the custom designed sound system during the construction. They sent us to the location, to take a peek during an NFL game between the Cardinals and 49ers. Being on the field during this event, standing next to the giant, football players made me really, truly understand why I could have never come close to qualifying to be a professional football player…